Our Happy Customers

Some of our Happy Customers

I have had the pleasure of providing Kristian Benton’s reputation of his amazing Yidaki’s to some of the finest players I have known. Not to mention to many novices that find the learning process a lot more easier when beginning on a Benton! I have myself been given a few of Benton’s sticks, being in my favourite key of E!

Having played the instrument for almost twenty years now, I find these instruments so effortless, therefore leaving you to concentrate on the structure of compositions rather than technique, as they are easily amongst the worlds finest when comparing responsiveness, tone quality and not to mention durability!

My Benton sticks have traveled this planet many times now and continue to allow me to play with ease the different styles that I have learnt from my many masters! Both traditional and modern! I can personally guarantee that Kristian can custom make any kind of Yidaki to suit your style of playing and where you want to go with it! I am still amazed at how he was able to create my first E that I have used now for a few years with both my brothers in our traditional dance group, and yet still have jammed with many contemporary ensembles with the same stick! the man has definitely learnt his trade very well that’s for sure!

I have been lucky enough to have been provided with many brilliant sticks from makers all around the world… and you can be assured that when you see brothers like Mark Atkins, Xavier Rudd, to name only a few playing these instruments! you have got something special in your Benton! need I say more? Besides, it takes a great player with a good understanding to make such instruments! and Kristian has got the whole package!

Gumaroy Newman

Gumaroy Newman

I have known Kristian Benton for a number of years. Not only has a mate and didge player but also has a didge maker. I myself being a professional player for over 20 years am proud to have some didges made from world renowned didge makers from around the world, and its nice to know here in Australia,  we have Kristian Benton. He has heart and soul that he puts into his instruments, which you understand once you see and play one. I’ll be recording with one of Kristian’s didges on my next album.

Mark Atkins

Mark Atkins

Kristian Benton’s Yidaki’s clearly hold the spirit of the land in which they come from.  Constructed with superior craftsmanship, these are some of the most responsive sticks out there.

Trevor Green

Trevor Green

Hey man! My F didge went off in the states. Took it everywhere and got a cool pic on our webpage with more coming soon! cheers man!

Max Judo

Max Judo

The didge we received was absolutely outstanding… even more amazing than the one I picked from your site. It shows that you are truly a stand up fellow that you upgraded me with this stick after the one I had chosen was already gone.

Also, I cannot believe how quickly it arrived considering we are about half a world away from each other.

We plan having it sitting out and ready for my son on Christmas morning along with having your C.D ‘Spirit Alive’ playing on the stereo.

For anyone that reads this and is considering buying a didge… trust me, you have come to the right place.
Take care, and we’ll definitely look you up when my youngest gets a bit older and we head “down under”.


I just have to write and tell you how much joy your didge has brought to our family! We purchased a didgeridoo from you in March 2007. I had no idea who you were and took a “leap” of faith. Only arriving in Newcastle Australia (from the States) a few months ago. We had no idea where to go but knew we wanted a didgeridoo (Newcastle is not the place for didgeridoos).

Your craftsmanship, talent, and spirit is what made us feel we could trust you. Our family LOVES your C.D.

My 5 year old daughter has a gift of the didgeridoo, from the moment she picked it up she was amazing. Her plan is to get the entire family on the streets of Newcastle playing sticks and the didgeridoo.

I thought you just need to know how you brought joy to our family. I also wanted to let you know that we went to The Rocks a month after Coffs. We found your didgeridoos, they are all amazing! The staff at the store spoke very highly of you and your work – I think they are representing you well.

Thanks Again!



I just had to drop you a note and let you know how much we have enjoyed your CD that we bought at one of the markets while in Australia. We bought the CD at one then met up with you at another and managed to get a picture of you playing. I have to tell you we bought several CDs of didgeridoo music from several different players while visiting your beautiful country but yours is be far the very best!!!

Don’t even want to listen the others more than once! Fantastic! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.

Vivian and Doug Gibson


Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

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