Learn the Didgeridoo with Kristian Benton


Kristian Benton is an Australian Indigenous Artist who is highly dedicated to his craft. He has been making and playing his own didgeridoos since 1995.

In this time he has learnt didgeridoo styles from some of the worlds best players. His musical and artistic talents are a gift he shares as well as his personal link to his own ancestors, the Ngemba people of north west NSW.

Didgeridoo Lessons on iTunes

Learn the Didgeridoo with Kristian Benton covers the basics of didgeridoo playing, such as:

  1. getting started
  2. circular breathing
  3. varying sound
  4. rolling the tongue
  5. the horn
  6. push push
  7. when to breathe
  8. stop start
  9. dhinawan
  10. mouth shapes
  11. thuli
  12. push

As well as learning to play the didgeridoo with Kristian Benton, there are also five included tracks from Kristian’s album “Spirit Alive”.


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