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Kristian Benton

A crafter of didges for all skill levels

Kristian is an Australian Indigenous artist who is highly dedicated to playing and crafting didgeridoos. He believes in finding the perfect didge for every player, from those just starting out to professional didge players. He has been making and playing his own didgeridoos since 1995. His musical and artistic talents are a gift he shares, along with his personal link to his own ancestors, the Ngemba people of North West NSW.

A quality performer and didge craftsman

Kristian’s talent for finding and making concert quality instruments goes side by side with his expertise in playing them. This is an unbeatable combination and a valuable asset, as this allows him to make didgeridoos to very specific standards for his own and his customers satisfaction and enjoyment. Through this he is able to refine both his skill in crafting fine instruments and also his playing ability. Not many Didgeridoo / Yidaki crafters can claim to excel in both areas.

Kristian’s Story

Kristian Benton was born in 1975 and grew up in central NSW in a town called Orange (Wiradjuri country).

His strong appreciation of Aboriginal culture began at an early age stemming from his indigenous roots.

Kristian expressed this through aboriginal studies, art and music during his school years. He continued his strong connections with the culture when he left school and began teaching aboriginal art, it was around this time that he picked up his first didgeridoo and taught himself how to play; Kristian was 19 at the time. Soon after he began learning the art of finding, crafting and decorating Yidakis / Didgeridoos. Kristian has done various art shows and exhibitions and in 2002 became a certified Indigenous creator. He now lives in Coffs Harbour (Gumbayngirr country) which is situated on the mid-north coast of NSW this is where he continues his aboriginal studies with languages and traditional Yidaki playing and crafting.

Kristian Benton is dedicated to finding the perfect didgeridoo to suit each and every players needs. Kristian’s didgeridoos are in high demand through out the world by professional players and collectors.

Kristian has travelled to many international destinations and has had some amazing and unforgettable performances and experiences.


Kristian went to Abu Dhabi and Dubai where he travelled all over the UAE performing live, on television, on radio, for government functions, at international schools and also for a local school in the desert.



Kristian was invited by the Australian government to go to South Korea and represent the country as an indigenous artist/performer along with Jessica Mauboy and the amazing artist Billy Missi at the World Expo in Yeosu.

Kristian made a total of four trips to South Korea and toured all over the country performing and holding

One of the many amazing highlights Kristian had in South Korea was meeting and performing for
Princess Mary and Prince Fredrick of Denmark. From there he had a trip to Mongolia where he performed
at the Gala dinner to celebrate the 40th anniversary between Mongolia and Australia and he also performed at the WOW (World of Women) film festival.



Kristian went to South Africa where he performed for the Australian High Commission, the Mining Indaba and also performed and held workshops for television and local schools.



Kristian went to South Africa for the Kalahari Desert Festival in late March 2014 and also had more local and international touring for the rest of 2014.


Ken Dundas

Ken Dundas was born in 1936 at Peak Hill Mission near Dubbo, N.S.W. He is part of the Kamilaroi Nation and is a self taught artist who has painted and drawn for most of his life. His mother was a member of the stolen generation. Although not taught directly by family members Ken has a strong and developed sense of design which relates to his Aboriginality. Creating artwork and artifacts has provided Ken with a means of economic independence as well as maintaining cultural maintenance. He is a contemporary of Don and Lloyd Nolan, both from Dubbo.

Ken married a Coonabarabran woman and moved to the area to live at Burra Bee Dee Mission. Coonabarabran is the gateway to the Pilliga Scrub and Warrumbungle Mountains. Ken is responsible for identifying sacred sites on behalf of his community and works with government organisations in locating and certifying them. He is also the Chairperson of the Coonabarabran Local Land Council.

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