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Kristian Benton holding a didgeridoo

Yidaki Vibes specialise in crafting superior quality Termite Hollowed Eucalyptus Didgeridoos.

Kristian Benton is an Australian Indigenous artist who is highly dedicated to his craft. He believes in finding that perfect didge for every player from those just starting out to professional players.
Every Didge that Kristian makes is 100% made from start to finish by Kristian, this ensures the quality and attention to detail that you would expect from a high quality instrument.

Sticks with spirit

Supply Nation certified didgeridoo craftsman

Yidaki Vibes is a certified Indigenous business and proud member of Supply Nation. Supply Nation suppliers are businesses which are:

  • located in Australia,
  • owned by Aboriginal personnel,
  • controlled and managed by Indigenous personnel.

Learn to play the didgeridoo

Most importantly Kristian’s creative and artistic talents are a personal link to his ancestors, the Ngemba people of north west NSW but it is also a gift he is happy to share. New didgeridoo teaching CD’s are available to buy through our store. You can also download Learn the didgeridoo with Kristian Benton from iTunes.

One-of-a-kind organically crafted didgeridoos

If you don’t see the didge you like in our online didge shop, have a look at our sold didges and see if the one you like is there. Feel free to email Yidaki Vibes with a request and I’ll see if I have a didge to your specifications in stock. I’m always making and cutting new didges, so there may be items available that aren’t in the online store. If I don’t have the didge for you right now, I can keep your specifications in mind when the perfect piece comes along. Then I’ll contact you to let you know we’ve got what you’re looking for.